HR and Organizational Assessment

With our many years of experience leading nonprofit organizations, and as an active member of the committee to re-write the Vermont Nonprofit Corporations Law, Noonmark is prepared answer your all of your questions about the Fair Labor Standards Act, Family Medical Leave, Exempt v. Non-Exempt, or whatever challenges your nonprofit is currently facing.

What should you include in your employee handbook and personnel policies? Does your management/organization structure make sense for optimal efficiencies? What do your community partners and staff think about the organization's effectiveness and impact?

We will help you find the answers to these and other capacity building questions, boosting your staff’s focus and setting your nonprofit organization in a newfound direction!

Executive Search Services and Transition Consulting

Noonmark will work with your organization to find the best possible candidate for any senior level openings in your organization. We work with your board to develop a broad-range of search criteria that can include:

  • What type of individual is best suited to lead your organization?

  • What goals and priorities should be the focus for the next 3-5 years?

  • How should the transition from a retiring executive and their successor be managed?

Along with our standard executive searching services, we also offer access to Noonmark’s extensive network of professionals, print and online recruitment resources, detailed candidate screening, interview prep and training, and salary consultations.

If you would like to see a list of positions that we are currently looking to fill, please visit our Current Executive Searches page.

Strategic Planning Consulting

Every nonprofit needs a detailed plan for the future. With Noonmark’s help, we can tailor a customized strategic planning process that will perfectly fit your nonprofit’s budget and time frame.

This may include revisiting your original mission and vision statements, developing an organizational profile, internal and external assessments including stakeholder interviews, SWOT analysis, assessment of program portfolio, creating new goals and strategies, and finally implementing your fully developed plan of action.

Board Development

Developing an effective Board of Directors can be an ongoing process for a nonprofit organization. Often, a newly-form board (or even an experienced one) may need some help sorting out their roles and responsibilities, as separate from the Executive Director. Of course, this is just one of the challenges that a nonprofit Board may face.

Do you have a new board that needs a better understanding of fundraising fundamentals? Do you need written detailed policies and procedures? Or an operating manual developed to promote board consistency and continuity? With our experience working with nonprofit Boards from all over the world, Noonmark can help in all areas of Board and leadership development.

Merger Consulting

If your nonprofit organization is exploring a merger, Noonmark can help sort out the questions that need to be asked, and develop a detailed analysis of all possible positive and negative outcomes of the merger.

In addition, we will work with both organizations throughout the entire process, facilitating meetings and helping to manage the process with the State of Vermont and other stakeholders.

Our Fees & Contracts

Noonmark charges $150/hour, or $1,000 for an 8-hour day. That said, we are very flexible in our approach and are willing to work with our nonprofit clients to arrive at a project price that is reasonable for all involved.

Our fees do not include reimbursement for pre-approved supplies and mileage.  If travel is greater than 2 hours each way, we will charge $70/hour for travel in addition to mileage reimbursement.


  • HR and Organizational Assessment

  • Executive Search Services and Transition Consulting

  • Strategic Planning Consulting

  • Board Development

  • Merger Consulting

Interested in working together? I'd love to hear from you!

Jane A. Van Buren

What Clients Are Saying...

"On behalf of myself and the entire Board, thank you for leading us in a productive assessment and learning discussion about ourselves as a board. I believe that the insights gained will help us to lead better and remain attentive to the responsibilities that we should attend to as a board. I for one was reminded about the importance of looking always to the future. I also was reminded of the importance of letting our very able staff conduct the operational work of the shelter without a lot of hands on interference from the board. These are fine lessons learned indeed!!"

- Alan, Board M